07 September 2010

moved in and getting settled

Thanks so much for following construction of the townhouse. It's been a great project!

25 May 2010

from the bottom up

kitchen range and hood installed

last bit of railing installed

pantry shelves getting installed

dining room completed (minus the lights)

library fireplace and cabinets installed and painted

fireplace trim detail

mechanical access doors (bead detail at perimeter to be installed soon)

the lovely stair rail (to be stained soon)

master bedroom hall with sconces installed

her glass shower enclosure

the top floor terrace
the top floor skylight

and an exterior shot of the rails installed along with one light

18 May 2010


More items are getting wrapped up over at the townhouse. Kitchen appliances are going in,

plumbing is nearing completion (this is at the laundry room),
floors await their final layer of polyurethane,
millwork is complete,

our faux skylight is in,

and the exterior fence is up.

05 May 2010

stone work and exteriors

Over the last few days more stone and tile work has been completed.

The backsplash has gone in at the kitchen and the entry foyer floor has been put down.

The glass shower doors have also been installed in one of the master bathrooms.

All exterior ipe work is just about complete. Here is the upper ipe fence that shields the mechanical units from view.

The areaway fence has also been installed. Next are the railings that lead down the stairs.

28 April 2010

stair rail and floors

Our stair railing is just about all installed and the floors throughout the house have all been stained.

Stairs and Rails:
The rear garden is complete.
Lighting fixtures are going up throughout the house as well.

13 April 2010

nearing completion

The house is clean, and empty, and ready for wood floor staining!

They've started from the top floor down- here is the roof room and the first run of stairs.

The last pieces of stone slab are getting installed- here is the library fireplace.

One of the last pieces of millwork is getting installed at the garden floor entry way. There will be a mirror and a bench behind that piece of plywood.

Our last recessed lights are going in at the family room.

The rear yard ipe fences are getting built and going up as well.