28 August 2009

floors and trims

The bluestone and brick rear yard terrace is almost completely installed.

It's hard to believe that all of this was done between Tuesday night and Friday morning! That depressing fence in the background will be replaced with a new one soon.
Here's a minor detail at our poured slab:
These two steps up lead you from the kitchen to the entryway. That niche on the left is actually where the refrigerator will sit.
Even more exciting is the amount of trim that's been installed on the top three floors.

It may not look like a lot but in person it's really beautiful- like the icing on a cake. Once the trims are installed paint can go up. But that's really a whole other post...

20 August 2009

new doors and floors

Last week our concrete slab at the garden level floor was poured. What a difference to walk downstairs and see concrete.

We also had all of our doors delivered last week. At 7'-6" tall and usually 3'-0" wide they are truly stunning. Here is a pair of doors that will get installed on the parlor floor.
Work also continues on the parlor floor stair opening which looks down to the kitchen on the garden floor.

Next week a whole team of sheetrockers are scheduled to close the rest of the walls up throughout the townhouse. This means no more visible plumbing in the bathrooms and much more running millwork and trim up in the house.
In preparation the team has added firestopping at all floors around the pipe runs. It's going to be great to see these walls closed up.

An un-glamorous but very important shot of the firestopping.

12 August 2009

one last view

Here's one final image of our radiant floor tubing- they're pouring our slab tomorrow!

You can also see that they've cleared out most of the construction debris in the back yard in preparation for the ipe deck.

The decking will float above the dirt, allowing water to easily reach the roots of the existing tree.

07 August 2009

radiant floor heat

Almost all of the radiant floor tubing has been installed over the last couple of days. After some fine tuning earlier next week the garden floor slab will be poured.

Exterior work at the garden and roof also continues. The retaining walls will be complete by the end of the day.
The view from the upper hvac roof looking down to the new top floor terrace
The new dormer windows look great from the inside and outside. I still can't believe that we were walking on the cornice!

04 August 2009

garden brick work

The retaining walls at the rear garden have been getting bricked over the last couple of days

Soon, the gravel dry well will be covered with bluestone pavers.

Equally as exciting is the drywall that's been installed throughout the parlor floor and the stair way.

Our new dormer windows just got installed last week on the new top floor.

The size of them in person is rather awe inspiring.