28 January 2010

plumbing and finishes

The bathroom fixtures and fittings are going in throughout the house.

The top floor bathroom has it's shower fittings, toilet, and medicine cabinet in.

The master bath shower fittings are in as well.

The floors have all been sanded at the top floor of the townhouse and the storage closet is even getting its first few coats of stain.

Here is what are window grilles will most likely look like. They are on every floor at the front of the house.

The sprinkler line has also been connected at the house. A huge contraption for such a tiny mechanical room!

21 January 2010

details and finishes

Many of the little things are starting to come together at the townhouse. The finishes and details are starting to make the place feel like a home.

The niche is finished and trimmed at the entryway.

The millwork in the library is almost completely painted.

The kitchen countertops are all being fabricated and we've chosen our last stone for the house which will go in two bathrooms and the laundry room.

The majority of the door hardware is installed.

The final trim and molding details are going up.

The ipe deck on the top floor is just about finished.
Can you believe that there are even area rugs that have been delivered to the house?

15 January 2010

millwork and paint

The whole townhouse is almost completely painted now. When you enter the parlor floor it really feels like a home.

More cabinets have also been installed on the garden floor and the master bedroom floor. The walnut island and hvac cabinets are partially installed.

His and hers vanities are in place as well.

And last but not least, our partial wrought iron fence sample for the front of the house.

12 January 2010

stone slab and stone tile work

As millwork is installed and paint goes up the stone slabs are being installed along with the last of the stone tile work.
Here you can see the slab at one of the third floor bathrooms.
This is the top floor bar (the upper cabinets will have doors on them) with the absolute black slab countertop and backsplash installed.
The family room fireplace has all of it's slate stone tile up. Next the hearth slab will be installed.
More interior photos to follow on Thursday!