26 January 2009

brick by brick

The freezing temperatures of January have really pushed everyone on site to focus their efforts on closing up the townhouse from the elements. This means completion of the new floor and roof as well as the near-completion of a new rear brick wall. The masons have really done a beautiful job of re-using the old brick from the demolished back wall.

even our contractor is in awe of their work!

The two pictures above show one of the two main rooms on the new top floor of the townhouse. The double-height cathedral ceiling will really make this guest room/gym special.

Here you can see our new attic and roof. Trying to make adequate storage for our clients was crucial as the townhouse doesn't have a basement. Just imagine all the boxes that can be stored up here!

You can also see from the images below that the new front area way entry is also complete and awaiting its coat of brownstone stucco. What a difference from what was once there!!


The new stair is wider, friendlier, and much more gracious. This will allow the family easy access from the street to the kitchen/ family room floor.
Next up, pouring the new garden level slab...