11 November 2008

stone & tile

With construction going full force over at the townhouse we're now able to start focusing on interior finishes. Over the past week we've been finalizing stone and tile selections throughout the house. These include kitchen counter tops and back splashes, fireplace surrounds, and stone and tile for all the bathrooms. Tackling seven bathrooms alone can seem like a daunting task but with the right team (client, architect, and stone and tile showroom manager in our case) finding the perfect stone is really pretty fun. It's exciting to see the interiors starting to come together at such a human scale.

Here are some of the tiles that we most recently selected.
A- wood floor at the parlor level
B & C- family room fireplace surround and hearth
D- kitchen back splash tile
E- master bedroom fireplace surround
F- parlor bar back splash
G- parlor bar counter top and fireplace surround
H- children and guest bathroom vanity tops and door saddles
I- slate floor at garden level entry
J- possible vanity top at parlor powder room

And here's a closer shot of the family room fireplace slate. The photo really doesn't do it justice.

Here are elevations of the kitchen and family room (click to enlarge) at the garden level to give you a better idea of where the stone is going. In the first drawing tile "D" will be above the range in a 3"x6" size. In the second drawing stone "B" and "C" will make up the full-height fireplace and raised hearth.

This is a close up of the stone and tile being used at the parlor. The antique mirror back splash is amazing in person.

This final drawing is an elevation of the parlor fireplace wall to give you a better idea of where the above stone and tile will go. The section accompanying it reveals a hidden bar (which is behind the doors to the right of the fireplace. Here, stone "G" will be used as the fireplace surround and counter top and tile "F" will be the back splash at the bar. It runs up behind the glass shelves which hold bar ware.