17 November 2009

goodbye scaffolding

Almost all of the scaffolding has been removed from the front of the townhouse. The one remaining piece will come down early next week. It's so nice to finally see the new color next to the two existing houses.

Inside the house finish work is progressing quickly.

Our boiler has been installed...

... and plumbing fixtures are arriving on site for installation. Some of the library millwork is also on site and in place.

These have been shop primed and will be hand painted on site. Speaking of paint, we have some colors up on the top two floors. This will eventually be a child's bedroom.

Stone and tile work also continues in the master baths. Here you can see the 3x6 spring white stone tiles that just got put on the walls. Our tile guy is seriously amazing.

Soon they will also install the ipe deck at the rear garden. This is one of the purchased footings that 2x4s will sit on. Then, on top of that is the ipe.

06 November 2009

new facade and finish work

The townhouse has finally received it's new color of stucco! Half of the house is still covered up but the color is really amazing. It actually looks a little lighter than it really is in this photo.

The detail work is still intact and very clear and sharp. This is a view of one of the parlor floor windows.

The parlor floor itself continues to progress and look amazing.

The wood floor in the library is also all in. You can also see there's some laundry millwork in the library waiting to be installed!

There are also bathroom vanities on site as well which will be installed soon too.

We have also chosen our trim and ceiling colors for the entire house: winter white and decorators white.

Although this photo may look like it's of a "no smoking" sign there is, in fact, an installed elevator cab behind that sign. It's currently stopped between floors so that no one can mess with it. It should be fully functioning by next week. You can see the huge rails that it travels on in the second photo.