25 September 2009

tile, stucco, and stairs

Today we were able to see the very last part of the stairway getting framed out for sheetrocking. The curve will be beautiful. Can you see where the metal framing is ever so slightly away from the wooden stair at the end of the run of stairs? That is there to create a perfect meeting between the underside of the stair and the ceiling of the floor below.

Tile is also getting installed in the secondary bathrooms and very soon will be up in the master bathroom as well. This blue-gray wall tile is in one of the third floor baths. The other photo is an image of a test grout we got to look at for the master bath wall stone tiles.

Today was my first trip up the ladder on the fourth floor and into the attic! You can see it's a little dusty but the height up there is really fantastic. The other photo is simply some duct work that needs to be continued to the roof to vent the bathrooms and kitchen range hood.
We are also just about ready to "paint" the front of the townhouse with a special coating from Edison Coatings. The "paint" chemically bonds to the existing stucco making a concrete-like surface with our chosen color on it. Of course it will still have the texture of the existing brownstone stucco as well. Here is a bit of re-stuccoing they're doing along side the parlor floor entry door.

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