02 December 2009

finishes and exterior work

The townhouse areaway is just about finished. Soon railings and another stucco color will top off the outside entrance. Aren't the steps and bluestone pavers great?

The rear garden ipe deck is just about ready to be put down as well. Here's a shot from the top floor looking down on the pre-cast footings.

Of course finish work continues on the interior of the house too. Here you can see that they're laying the last of the wood floor. Look at that decorative border!

One of the master bathrooms also has just about all of it's stone tile complete. Next will come fixtures and the vanity. The first image is of the shower and the next is of the bathroom itself.

The top floor bar is also in (although the uppers will be getting doors) and you can see that they've prepared the skylight shaft for it's faux skylight which will be fabricated and installed shortly.

This Friday the kitchen and family room millwork will be delivered along with the master bedroom dressing room cabinets.

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