06 September 2008


We couldn't be more excited about sharing one of our current projects with you: the complete gut renovation of an existing townhouse in Manhattan. This blog will attempt to cover all aspects of renovation from demolition to furniture selection and everything else in between.

The scope of work includes making the house suitable for a single family, the addition of a penthouse floor, the expansion of the rear of the house, as well as a sizable amount of excavation of the existing garden level floor to achieve a greater head height. We will also be adding a new rear wall, a new staircase and elevator, and a new garden level entry way.

All that will remain of the existing townhouse is the street facade. All interior finishes, walls, and floors will be removed along with the existing rear garden wall to make room for new structure and a better, more functional design.
the existing street facade to remain (although all doors and windows will be replaced)
the existing garden facade (which will be completely removed in order to build the house out to where the existing "tale" is).

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