18 September 2008


The demolition phase is now in full force at the townhouse. Not only have all the interior partition walls been removed but there is substantial excavation at the garden level where the kitchen and family room will be.

Removing all of the existing interior walls, joists, and the exterior rear wall itself though is quite a daunting task. It is of crucial importance that we maintain stability of the existing street facade along with the east and west walls which we share with two other townhouses. We also must allow construction and demolition crews access to all levels of the house, which is of course easier when there are still some existing floor joists for everyone to clamber around on. For these reasons, a well orchestrated balance of demo and construction will be going on in the house for the next few weeks. As new steel and wood joists are put in the existing ones can be removed- as part of the existing rear garden wall is removed a new concrete foundation can be poured and so on.

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