17 July 2009

stair and garden progress

The stairs at the townhouse are finally complete! Each run has been installed and they truly look amazing. The three images below are of the stair that runs from the parlor floor to the master bedroom floor.

The stair that runs up from the garden floor is equally impressive.

The wood floors are all installed on the top three floors as well. They will be stained in a few weeks and then covered for the remainder of the job.
Work on the rear garden is also underway. This first photo is from the terrace above looking down.

We've also chosen our fence which runs between our stoop, areaway, and tiny front yard. It actually matches our neighbor's house across the street!

Things continue to move along with sheet rock and electrical service as well. Here you can see one of our new top floor rooms. It's nice to have some people in the shot as you can really start to get a feel for the ceiling height.
Here's the understoop areaway that contains our new electric meter and service end box.

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