02 July 2009

Thursday Site Meeting

We saw lots of small things coming together on site today. Our Audio-Video/ Security guys were on site wiring all of our installed windows into the security system.

Here's a shot of the window sill jamb. Can you believe that tiny little white dot is the security magnet? They're so discrete.

We also chose a final floor stain. It's the darkest sample all the way to the lower right of the above photo. It matches our goal stain perfectly. Wood flooring is already being installed at the new top floor.

Door saddles throughout the house were also discussed. Here you can see the fire-rated door frame at one of the elevator doors. That nasty steel piece will be covered with a slightly raised wooden door saddle in a few more days.

We also got our first on-site peak at the master bathroom tub. Sadly, it was another overcast day for our site meeting which made for bad lighting but I still think you can see the shape and size of the tub are stunning.

They were also constructing a small vertical radiator for the parlor floor entry way. This unit will be hidden in the wall behind a decorative grille.

Work in the garden also continues. Here you can see a trench which has been dug to accommodate the back yard drainage system.

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