08 October 2008


At last week's meeting we saw a slew of progression on site. Not only was the majority of the interior demolition complete but the second and third floors had almost all of their floor joists in as well as two layers of sub-flooring secured in place. No more jumping from joist to joist to pass through the house! This is a huge plus in my book.

In addition we also observed the initial removal of the rear wall and the new completed rear wall foundation walls. Our meeting this Friday should allow us to see the whole back wall missing with the house completely open to the garden.

Removal of the existing rear wall. To get this close to the edge our contractor had to walk down to the very end of a rather precariously balanced w-flange...

Some shots of the new rear wall foundation wall and its reinforcing bars. See that slight bump out in the first photo where the foundation wall gets thicker at the corner? That's where our steel which is framing out the new rear wall opening will sit. The steel sits in from the facade to allow our re-used bricks to pass in front of it.

Here's the removal of the existing first floor. Those are existing joists to be removed that you can look beyond to see the garden level.

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