13 October 2008

friday's site visit

Last Friday's site visit was amazing. Not only did we finalize a design for the rear garden with our client but we also got our first peak at the townhouse with it's rear wall demolished. Next the contractor and his subs will be removing the existing roof to place the steel for the new fifth floor. The whole house will be open to the elements- let's hope there are no downpours in the near future...

standing at the garden floor looking out to the existing garden. look, no rear wall!

a view of the garden as is and some of the existing bricks from the demolished rear wall that we are salvaging for the new rear wall.

the backless townhouse!

looking up at the few remaining floor joists soon to be removed. you can also see where the back wall use to be.

looking towards the front of the house on the new master bedroom floor.

I'm not sure which floor I took this photo from but it illustrates the difference of height from the new joists (on the right) to the old (on the left). That's one of the two existing chimneys in the house. We're abandoning this one, re-using the other one, and also building a new one.

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