23 March 2009

almost closed up

The majority of new work continues at the top of the house while we wait for our plumbing inspection and new slab to be poured at the garden floor.

New foam insulation was sprayed just last week at the new top floor and attic. Can you believe it only took them a day to finish both levels?

Our new chimney is also complete at the north side of the house. It looks tall, but by code it has to clear the new, sloped attic roof by quite a bit.

Here's what our elevator shaft looks like at the moment- all framed out and ready to be sheet rocked.

Despite not having a floor at the garden level electrical and plumbing work continues...
Our electrician has moved our service end box (where Con Edison lines meet our house lines) and electrical meter from the inside the house to just beneath our new stoop.
Copper piping is also being installed at the garden floor. In a few more months all these pipes will be covered up behind a new kitchen.
We also continue to select more hardware and finishes for the townhouse. Here you can see two door knob prototypes from SA Baxter, a great hardware company in Manhattan.

The knob on the right was our first prototype and the knob on the left is our final prototype. While the polishes and finishes are not what we'll have in the townhouse (we've chosen an amazing light antique nickel) the style of the knob on the left is correct. Can you tell the difference between the two? We've made one of the rings on the knob smaller.
Soon our contractor will have the elevator and stair subcontractors to the house and any day he will be ordering the plumbing fixtures and fittings. Today is also the very first day that the audio/video subs are on site as well.

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