27 March 2009

garden floor progress

Part of the garden floor slab was poured yesterday! It was so exciting to see a non-dirt floor down there. Soon, after the plumbing inspection, the rest of the slab will be poured as well- probably in the next couple of weeks.

A layer of insulation is laid down before the slab is poured. You can also see the grid of rebar which will give the slab more strength.

The poured slab in all it's glory. Radiant heating and a travertine stone tile floor will eventually be sitting on top of this.

The concrete truck poured concrete right through the front window opening of the garden floor! You can see the new areaway in the background.

There's also a lot of progress being made at the other end of the garden floor: our sump pump pit has been poured and is awaiting installation of the pump and basin.

The blue basin will be set in the poured pit on a bed and surround of sand.

And just because it was such a nice day out I took some shots from the back of the house. You can see the new gutter in the second picture. There will be a fake "extension" gutter to simulate the continuation of the leader.

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