03 March 2009

floor by floor

The mechanical and masonry work on the house are advancing quickly floor by floor. As you can see from the pictures, the new north stack of three fireplaces is almost a third of the way complete.

the parlor floor fireplace
the master bedroom fireplace
and the terra cotta flues for all three fireplaces above.

Below you can see the air condensers being installed at the roof above the new floor. They are part of a Daikon HVAC system which allows for smaller, more numerous air handlers throughout the house. The smaller size makes them easier to hide in millwork and ceilings- a must when you have a tall client and don't want to drop ceilings!

And as a final picture, the exterior of the house. Below the tarp you can just make out the lines of the new mansard roof and curved dormer. Our contractor has removed the existing cornice for the time being so as not to damage it during construction. It will most likely be used to create a mold for a new cornice which will match the existing (see house to the right).

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