05 June 2009

stairs and windows part 2

This past week the installation of new windows and stairs continued.

The parlor floor windows look amazing both from the inside and outside. It's shocking how precise the installation needs to be. The exterior trim pieces do not even allow for a 1/16 of an inch off!

I could look at this exterior photo all day. It's so satisfying to see our rear elevation come to life.

Once the parlor floor windows are all installed they'll start on the double windows at the north bedrooms. You can see the windows are patiently waiting to be installed.

Here you can see the stair that connects the master bedroom floor to the children's floor. Our second run of stair that is just about complete.

The landing and tread details are beautiful.

Next week, along with more windows and stairs going in, we are hoping to have more soffit framing complete as well as the stain selection for the wood floors throughout the house.

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