25 June 2009

finish details

Many finish details and framing decisions were furthered on site this week. The most exciting, in my opinion, were the wood floor stains that we got to look at yesterday afternoon.

We are trying to achieve the dark color of the small board on the upper right side of the photo. After adding some ink to the satin finish of the sample in the foreground we should be just about there.
We also got to see more framed soffits and skim coated walls.

Duct work living in a new soffit can be seen here.

Two framing options for the new stair to the new top floor. The option in the foreground was chosen by the client.
The in-floor radiators are also getting installed.

Windows at the north side of the new top floor have also been installed. The room feels really wonderful with the huge terrace outside.

Our refurbished cornice has also been completely installed.

We actually had to hop out the new top floor windows and onto the framing system that attaches the cornice to the house to get out onto the scaffolding!

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