16 June 2009

windows and exteriors

Yes, windows are still being installed at the north, garden side of the house!

Here you can see that they've installed the four windows on the third, kids' floor of the house. The garden floor windows won't be in for another 3-4 weeks so unfortunately we'll be looking at that tarp for a little longer.

Here are the two, north kid's bedroom windows from the inside.

and the finished parlor floor north windows from the inside.
Over the next few days the subcontractor will install french doors and windows at the new top floor. You can see they're still waiting for a sunny, dry day to complete the stucco here as well.
Our refurbished cornice is also getting installed this week.

Here's a shot of the cornice from above

and another looking at the installation of the cornice from the scaffolding on the house.

This image shows how they install the cornice. If you look to the right side you can see our neighbor's cornice beyond. Ours will be black too once it's painted in place.

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